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God Calling Ministry is focused on the love and relationship of Jesus. Our goal is to share what He has to say and help others to do the same. We offer a wide range of services and support to Christian churches and non-profits, individuals, businesses, and publications. We hope you enjoy your visit here.

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McCloud Reservour in Northern California is calm in the setting sun

About God

Enjoy learning about God – Jesus – Holy Spirit in a way you may have never heard before. It’s about a personal relationship.

Rock bridges cross over Stow Lake in the Golden Gate park of San Francisco, California.

Photo & Video

We offer photo and video services and stock to Christian publications, businesses, vloggers, and more.


Christian Adventurer is all about family friendly travel… places to see and things to do. Includes lots of photos.

The Wood river head waters comes up in Jackson Kimball State Park, Oregon and flows down to Agency Lake. It is well known for trout fishing and kayaking.


Learn about preparing for what’s coming, may happen, or just being ready. Includes security for home, church, and more.

Christian Preparedness

Is Christian preparedness even a thing? Doesn’t God say He will take care of us? Yes, He does. And He is – just like He did for Noah, Moses, Abraham, and many others.

This section is not just about End Times, although that is included. Christian Preparedness is about being prepared for emergencies and other events that you may find yourself in.

Check out more on preparedness in the Christian Preparedness section.

Magnetic Women

Magnetic Women seeks to focus on identifying the physical, mental, spiritual and social needs of women.  Our mission is to help you find the way to peace, safety, and comfort thru the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Wise Woman builds her house (on a foundation of godly precepts), and her HOUSEHOLD thrives! Proverbs 14:1

Our GOAL is to see you Thrive, be Alive, be Strong and Aware!


Enjoy the journey!

Fall colors in Wolf Creek, Oregon about 25 miles North of Grants Pass, OR

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  • Learn About Jesus – God – Holy Spirit
  • Editorial & Commercial Stock Photo & Video
  • Photo & Video Services
  • Church Security
  • Prepping For Many Situations

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