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This young boy intently fishing for a prize from a pond of blue water at the Anderson County Fair, SC
Arrogance of  Faith

My first thought,usually, is that God is always right. Just that.  It never means I am always right.  It never means I’ve got it all together.  It never means I know what God is thinking or doing at any given … Read More

Panama City Beach, Florida - Pier Park is blocks of specialty stores, restaurants, colorful buildings and fun.
Christian Adventurer

Christian Adventurer is a unique travel photography ministry designed for people who want wholesome travel locations. Don’t get me wrong, we go everywhere anyone else goes, we just look for the more family friendly places. Our goal is to share … Read More

Side of an EMS Rescue truck.
I Was – I Am – I Always Will Be

I was – I am – I always will be God! You can’t change me to be what you want, but I will gladly change you to be what I want, if you will let me! Twenty-some-odd years ago, I … Read More

Farris wheel at night at the Anderson County Fair in Anderson, SC
Pick & Choose Religion

Please bear with me as I complain a little about how some people treat God and His Word.  Hear is someone who is big enough to create everything and through His power, hold it all together.  Then He created us … Read More

Issaqueena Falls near Walhalla, SC. South Carolina, waterfalls, stream, creek
Who Is Jesus & Why Should I Care

Who is Jesus, is one of those questions that will get you as many different answers as there are people who claim to know him!  There are certain things about him that most of us Christians agree on, but after … Read More

Tsukubai, a boat shaped stone water basin with a water spout with flowing water into a rock boat in The Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park of San Franciso, CA.
This Season’s Free Giveaway

We have all heard of Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. Sign up for free for a chance to win millions of dollars. You don’t have to buy anything, just sign up. You see commercials on TV of winner’s receiving a giant … Read More

Bushes against a bright morning sun.
Who’s On The Pedestal

In 1964 four renegades with a bug’s name came to America from Liverpool, England. People went banana’s (wait, they went banana’s for the Monkees). If you’re not old enough to remember them or haven’t seen them on the History Channel, … Read More