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Be Prepared: End Times or Natural Disaster

No matter who you are, no matter what religion or lack of religion, you can look around and see that the world has some issues. Now I am not a naysayer or pessimist, but I do study the Bible and the fact is everything that is happening now has been predicted by Jesus and the profits. As a result, this “End Times” section is dedicated to what we can expect and how we can survive till Jesus’ return or the rapture – which ever comes first.

One thing to keep in mind – God created us to spend eternity in one place or another. He gave us the choice of where that will be. No matter our choice, He has laid out events and told us to watch for them as an indication that the end is near. Then comes judgement!

Conspiracy or Prophecy

The end of the world has been the subject of controversy and guessing for centuries. Why, all of a sudden has it found it’s way into so many people’s mind. For me, this is a simple answer… we are close to the end, the prophesies are all coming true, and God is out to get as many people brought to Him as is willing to come.

When you compare what the Bible says to what is taking place in the world, there is no other logical answer. The remainder of these pages are dedicated to a combination of what we can expect, how to prepare for it, and how to survive it as best we can.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Romans 3:4, Let God Be True and Every Man A Liar.

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