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Pick & Choose Religion

Please bear with me as I complain a little about how some people treat God and His Word.  Hear is someone who is big enough to create everything and through His power, hold it all together.  Then He created us … Read More

Spending Time Alone With Jesus

As a kid, I spent every summer with my Great Grandparents in the mountains of California. When I say, “spent the summer,” I mean they picked me up the day I got out of school and brought me home a … Read More

God Is Not Fair! Really?

It is a common theme these days for people to say things like, “Everyone can believe in their God. That will get them to heaven,” or, “I am a good person and good people will go to Heaven (who sets … Read More

Intolerance or Love

How dare we say that Jesus is the only way to Heaven! How dare we not. If we sugar coat the message of Christ in order to make people happy, what we are saying is, we don’t care about your … Read More

You May Be Judging Angels

My wife and I were attending a church in California for a while and met a guy that always seemed to be in the background. During services, he sat in the back against the wall, as people entered the church, … Read More