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Who’s On The Pedestal

In 1964 four renegades with a bug’s name came to America from Liverpool, England. People went banana’s (wait, they went banana’s for the Monkees). If you’re not old enough to remember them or haven’t seen them on the History Channel, … Read More

Think On These Things

The Bible is full of sound advice that when put into practice will change your life. Like most people who read it and follow what it says, I have my favorites. The one I have been thinking of the most … Read More

God Is Not Fair! Really?

It is a common theme these days for people to say things like, “Everyone can believe in their God. That will get them to heaven,” or, “I am a good person and good people will go to Heaven (who sets … Read More

Study this joke and learn

One day there were horrible storms that dumped massive amounts of rain and a flood warning was issued. The police went door to door evacuating the area. When they got to a pastor’s house, they told him to come on, … Read More

Best Return On Investment

What does it profit a person if they gain the whole world and then lose their own soul? Or what can we give in exchange for our soul? I’m thinking how can I put this in perspective?  What are we … Read More

Communication – You Had To Be There

I grew up in the West but lived in the South a few times in my adult years.  I have to admit, there’s a few things I still haven’t gotten straight answers on, like, how far is “down yonder?”  Which … Read More

Intolerance or Love

How dare we say that Jesus is the only way to Heaven! How dare we not. If we sugar coat the message of Christ in order to make people happy, what we are saying is, we don’t care about your … Read More

You May Be Judging Angels

My wife and I were attending a church in California for a while and met a guy that always seemed to be in the background. During services, he sat in the back against the wall, as people entered the church, … Read More