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Waterfall In Prospect Oregon
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God is a visual God. His creation is visual.
Why wouldn’t we be as well?

Welcome to our Photo and Video Ministry where we not only share our work, we offer a number of photo and video services that you can use to enhance your message. From stock video and photography to photo workshops and training, we want to be a source that supports you and the work you are doing for God.

Stock Photo & Video

No matter if you are a publisher, blogger, television station, travel agency… what ever… we have photos and videos you can use. Take a look at our galleries to view some of the images we offer. A more detailed page describing what it takes to use these images is available for your viewing.

View our Stock Photo & Video Page Here

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and is located in Southern Oregon

Photo Workshops & Tours

Our Photo Workshops and Tours are specialty designed for groups as well as your skill level. These include classroom, online, and at various locations. As you browse our workshops, you will find a number of, “Out Of The Ordinary,” workshops as well. For instance: camping workshops, church group workshops, assisted living workshops, and more.

Check out our Photo and Video Workshops Here

Photography and Video Services

Often, we have a specific photo or video need that we want to be original and specific to our particular article or service. We don’t want the images or video showing up in our competitors sites or advertisements. So, we start looking for a photographer or videographer to create that image and find it will cost a small fortune to accomplish.

That’s where we come in! With over 45-years experience in photography and 25-years in videography and voice work, we have the ability to accomplish your goals at a cost you can probably afford – at cost. Granted, there are some stipulations with whom we will work but if you are reading this, you most likely qualify. Click Here to Check Out Our Services