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Waterfall In Prospect Oregon
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Stock Photography and Video

Our stock photography and video galleries are primarily for publications, vloggers, bloggers, television, churches, and anyone else who chooses to focus on Jesus. This is not an exhaustive list of who may choose to use this option.

NOTE: We are just now starting to upload images into our galleries and have thousands to upload. If you don’t see something you need, let us know, we may have it.

The God Calling stock photography gallery includes image download options for various sizes according to their file sizes. Keep in mind, we are more interested in supporting Christian projects and companies than we are selling images. If you have a need but can’t afford the image, let us know; we will work with you. While we do need to support ourselves, we trust that Jesus will take care of that part and we are to work with His plans.

Water Jet propelled surf board and pack in Redding, California

Here’s How It Works

  • View our photo gallery and decide on the images you want
  • Click the image and click the cart button – you will find a download section to choose from.
  • Select your download size and follow the directions.
  • Again, if you have special needs or need more options, contact us. We want to help and may be able to customize the images to your liking.

Do You Have A Special Need?

We do a lot of traveling and do many things. In fact, we post a lot of these trips in our calendar for you to view. If you have a special need, whether we are going there or not, let us know. We may be able to photograph or video it for you at little or no cost. Again, we are pretty big on the donation aspect of things. Remember to be creative… for example: if you see we are going to be at x-y-z town for a preparedness workshop, then we are in the area and will gladly photograph or video what you are looking for. My background as a Combat Photographer and a Military Broadcaster allows me to transition from one job to another without any issues. I switch from one focus to focusing on you and your needs.