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House Churches – Start Or Join One

We strongly believe that a building is not a requirement for a church body to gather. In fact, the early church gathered in peoples homes to fellowship and learn about Jesus and the faith. As time progresses toward end times, the church will be attacked and condemned. House churches are a great way to learn and grow with each other while building close relationships with smaller group families. We Can Help!

Why Start A House Church?

There are a lot of reasons to start a house church. We aren’t going to cover them all, but we will share a few ideas. Please understand, we are not negating the local church. They have their place and are needed.

Reason 1: Relationship: as a small group, you get to know and support each other.

Reason 2: Learning and growing together helps to gain a deeper understanding, thereby, helping to live out our faith with the support of those in our group.

Reason 3: As a small group, you don’t get lost in the crowds. You avoid the “clicks” that so often alienate us in larger churches.

Reason 4: You have more control over when and where you meet. In some cases this might be at midnight for night-shift people, at noon because some people want to go to their local church as well, or maybe at a park or some other location.

Reason 5: We can avoid all of the religious activities, pomp, and religiosity and focus on what is truly important – God – Jesus – Holy Spirit. Each house church member is a contributor to the growth of the others; it’s not just a pastor teaching a sermon then sending you away. Instead, it is passionate believers who want to be close to God and worship in a loving and caring atmosphere.

Reason 6: We intentionally keep our groups small (10 to 20 people). As our groups grow, we continue to train leaders so they can begin a house church. As more and more house churches evolve in an area, once per month we gather together as a large group at a given location and worship together.

Why Join A House Church?

There are those who question the legitimacy of a house church! I say, if it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me. Not to mention, there are countries that will kill or put you in jail for starting or attending a conventional church. While I am not necessarily a doomsday, end of times, kind of person, the fact remains that Jesus said there will be a time when we will be persecuted, tortured, and killed for being a follower of Him. When that time comes, and I believe it will be soon, I believe the first to go will be the local church. House churches will become the norm.

A huge benefit to a house church is the relationships that develop and the support you get as you grow and learn about Jesus. No matter if you are a new Christian or one who has been a follower of Christ for 50-years, you will benefit from each other and see how involved God will get in your group and in your life.

Our house churches are founded in love for God and each other and a strong faith in Jesus. We pray together, we learn together, we grow together, and we share with each other. In some cases we rotate between homes, sometimes we have meals, and other times we just focus on Jesus. The structure and plans are dictated by the needs of your specific house church.

Just a note: we do not list our house churches for obvious reasons. At this time, we are very limited in house churches as we just began these programs. As we grow, we will list the number of house churches in an area but will not include home addresses or phone numbers without the permission of the house leader. You may contact us and we will have the house leader contact you.