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Orange trees seen through the early morning fog in Vero Beach, FL Florida
End Times Survival – First Thing To Pack

Browse through survivalist sites, prepper’s sites, or just about any other, “survive the last days” sites and you will inevitably find a list of things to do and items to have on hand in order to survive. Don’t get me … Read More

Union Creek and waterfalls in Prospect, Oregon
What Can You Expect?

My wife teases me about being brainwashed from 20-years in the Army. I have to admit, there are certain things I just can’t get out of my life. I find that many Christians are the same way. I don’t want … Read More

The sky turns a deep orange as the sun sinks into the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach, FL.
Think On These Things

The Bible is full of sound advice that when put into practice will change your life. Like most people who read it and follow what it says, I have my favorites. The one I have been thinking of the most … Read More

McCloud Reservour in Northern California is calm in the setting sun
Spending Time Alone With Jesus

As a kid, I spent every summer with my Great Grandparents in the mountains of California. When I say, “spent the summer,” I mean they picked me up the day I got out of school and brought me home a … Read More

It's a slow day at the fair and a game host plays his own game while waiting for a customer.
Why doesn’t God Answer My Prayers

When I was 4 years old I liked to explore just like all 4year old’s.  This practice got me into some trouble when going shopping with my mother.  We would walk downtown on the cement sidewalks.  Block after block treading … Read More

The San Rafael Swel in Utah produced more dinosaur fossils than anywhere else in the world. Included in this area are beautiful colors and landscapes.
Be Prepared

Be Prepared: End Times or Natural Disaster No matter who you are, no matter what religion or lack of religion, you can look around and see that the world has some issues. Now I am not a naysayer or pessimist, … Read More

Rock bridges cross over Stow Lake in the Golden Gate park of San Francisco, California.
God Is Not Fair! Really?

It is a common theme these days for people to say things like, “Everyone can believe in their God. That will get them to heaven,” or, “I am a good person and good people will go to Heaven (who sets … Read More

North Indian River in the Limestone Cove Recreation area. Unicoi, TN.
Study this joke and learn

One day there were horrible storms that dumped massive amounts of rain and a flood warning was issued. The police went door to door evacuating the area. When they got to a pastor’s house, they told him to come on, … Read More

Lake Havasu, Arizona is a beautiful lake with year round camping and tourism.
Best Return On Investment

What does it profit a person if they gain the whole world and then lose their own soul? Or what can we give in exchange for our soul? I’m thinking how can I put this in perspective?  What are we … Read More