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Small creek on the way to Loon Lake in Oregon.
God Is Not A Silent Partner

Have you ever had what you were sure was a great idea? I mean, this idea was so good it kept you awake at nights thinking about it. All you could talk about with your family and friends was how … Read More

This small stream flows into Camp Creek and is just outside of the entrance to Loon Lake Recreation Area.
God Is Multi-Lingual

So often we get caught up in our own little world and forget how big God is. What do I mean by this? Simple, God created language and yet He doesn’t need language to communicate. He reads and knows our … Read More

House Church

House Churches – Start Or Join One We strongly believe that a building is not a requirement for a church body to gather. In fact, the early church gathered in peoples homes to fellowship and learn about Jesus and the … Read More

Rock bridges cross over Stow Lake in the Golden Gate park of San Francisco, California.
Pick & Choose Religion

Please bear with me as I complain a little about how some people treat God and His Word.  Here is someone who is big enough to create everything and through His power, hold it all together.  Then He created us … Read More

Orange and yellow fall Aspen trees in Southern Oregon.
Who Is Jesus

Who is Jesus, is one of those questions that will get you as many different answers as there are people who claim to know him!  There are certain things about him that most of us Christians agree on, but after … Read More

The Wood river head waters comes up in Jackson Kimball State Park, Oregon and flows down to Agency Lake. It is well known for trout fishing and kayaking.
Real WOW Factors

The WOW Factor The “WOW” factor has become an over used cliché. Businesses like to use it in advertisements to stress how wonderful their product is. People like to use it to suggest that they saw or did something that … Read More

Home – God Calling Ministry

Welcome to God Calling Ministry We are a church who are focused on the love of Jesus and the truths that the Bible has to teach us. Our goal is to grow together in our faith to form a strong … Read More