We have all heard of Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. Sign up for free for a chance to win millions of dollars. You don’t have to buy anything, just sign up. You see commercials on TV of winner’s receiving a giant check (I wonder if the banks will take it), balloons, and recipients jumping for joy. They Won!

Of course there are always the multimillion dollar lotteries. For one dollar you could become a millionaire overnight. Some rules apply (in small letters).

Let me introduce you to the oldest, FREE, giveaway that exists today. It has been around longer than you or I have lived. The winnings are non-taxable so you don’t have to worry about including them on your taxes. Best of all, you are a guaranteed winner. In fact, the sponsor of this FREE giveaway put that guarantee in writing and has never reneged  on that guarantee. If the BBB rated giveaway’s the way they rate businesses, this one would get a AAA+ rating – the highest rating possible.

This is a limited time offer and there are minimal rules to sign up. Once this offer is closed, it will not be offered again – it is closed for all time. The sponsor has not defined when the cut-off date will be, however He has given us some things to look for in able to know the date is near.

Here is the breakdown of the giveaway, the sponsor, the rules, and the guarantee. For further reading on the rules and testimonies from past winners, we will include a reference below.

1) The Sponsor: God has put together a plan where Grand-prize winner’s (and everyone who follows the rules is a grand-prize winner) are guaranteed eternal life with Him. There are those who try to circumvent the rules by freezing themselves to be thawed out at a later date but there is no guarantee with this plan. Only winners of God’s free giveaway have this guarantee.

As with any program, you should know the solvency of the sponsor. God has existed beyond past time and will continue to exist beyond future time. As the creator of Heaven and Earth, God has a personal stake and is involved in every part of  your life. In fact, all things are held together by and through Him. Without Him, there would be no sweepstakes of any kind. And without Jesus, there would be no winners of any kind. Therefore, the backing of this Free giveaway is above reproach and is backed by the most influential and compassionate individual of all time.

2) The Rules: Trust that what thousands of people saw and experienced is true. Jesus was born of a virgin and walked the Earth. He performed lots of miracles that it is said, only God could perform. He was murdered by being nail to a cross. He was buried, and three days later, rose from the grave and actually appeared to hundreds more people. Finally, have faith that He did this so that our sins (the things we do that God disapproves of) will be forgiven for all times and we will be seen as Holy and Righteous through Jesus. There are no additional rules to claim your grand prize!

3) The Winnings: Eternity with God. No matter how many sweepstakes you enter and win, they are all limited to a certain amount of money and will only benefit you for your lifetime on Earth. However, this guaranteed winner program takes you beyond life on Earth. Rules of life and death read something like this… Upon completion of our Life on Earth and based on one major decision during that time on Earth, you are guaranteed to spend the remainder of eternity (never ending time), in one of two places. Your decision to accept or deny God’s Free Gift WILL determine the outcome.

Winnings continued: what would a grand prize be without immediate benefit? Jesus promised that as part of the prize, He would place His Spirit in you (the second you accept the above rules) to help you have a better, more fulfilling life on Earth. In fact, His Spirit in you will help to guide you, teach you, and so much more. Furthermore, as a prize winner, He agrees to be with you day and night as a constant friend, mediator, and guide. His promise includes relieving you of your burdens and taking them on Himself (if you will let Him).

While the rules for winning are short, the grand prize winnings are many and far exceed those of any other sweepstake or giveaway. For further reading on the rules and benefits of this God sponsored program, please see your Bible or contact us Immediately. This is a time sensitive offer that when completed, will not be offered again!

By the way, as noted in the first paragraph, the winners celebrate their good fortune. In this program, not only do the recipients celebrate, but they throw a massive party in Heaven every time someone wins by following the simple rule. So if you choose to win God’s free giveaway, celebrate your winnings and good fortune.

As noted above, here is the reference to all rules and information concerning this free give-away… The Bible!

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