Real WOW Factors

The WOW Factor

The “WOW” factor has become an over used cliché. Businesses like to use it in advertisements to stress how wonderful their product is. People like to use it to suggest that they saw or did something that others may only dream of.

The problem with the WOW factor is that it is very subjective. If a person had limited experiences in life, their WOW factor may be smaller than those who have done a lot in life. For instance, Northern Florida has many tall Pine trees. Someone who lived here all of their lives may say, WOW, those are some tall trees. I lived in California for a while and have been to the Redwoods a few times. 40-foot Pine trees are pretty, but when you have stood at the base of a 275-foot Redwood that is over 50-feet around, those Pine trees are a little less impressive.

Then there are the Pinecones… again, not so impressive when you compare them to a 26-inch Sugar Pine cone.

Therefore, what qualifies as a true, “WOW Factor?” This is going to be different for everyone, but here are some suggestions that may qualify…

Topping the list – The Love of God. He created all of the things that we say, WOW, about. At night, when we look at the stars, He says He created them for our pleasure. Every time we take a breath, we should remember that He created the perfect mix of oxygen for us to breath. When we look at anything, we can note that nine separate chemicals have to pass over our eyes in the time it takes light to travel the length of a human hair! He created us so that He could love us for eternity and we could love Him. Then He gave us the freedom to say yes, we love Him, or No, I choose not to love Him. We actually have the right to decide our eternal destiny. WOW!

Next in line and equal with God – Jesus. The Son of God and co-author of life and everything seen and unseen. The one who holds everything together by His very power. He came to Earth in an unusual way to live among us and experience everything we would experience. He lived a perfect life, obeying everything God told Him to do. He lived His life knowing that His purpose here was to die in the most horrific way possible so that the human race could overcome their sin through Him and have eternal life with God – loving Him and Him loving us. The last three years of His life was spent teaching us about God and life, doing miracles so that we could see He was God and was from God, and demonstrating what a perfect life and perfect love looks like.

Jesus lived and died so that when we trust in His saving power, we can have a relationship with God that we were created to have. It was clear that Jesus did not want to die that way… He prayed that God take this part away… but in order to be with God, we must be perfect and the only way to be perfect is to be seen through Christ, Jesus. Jesus either had to die on the cross or people were condemned to eternal separation from God. He chose to re-establish the eternal relationship with humans by placing God’s judgment on Himself and being sacrificed as a perfect sin offering – dyeing in the most brutal and humiliating way – as a replacement For God’s judgment on us. WOW!

Let’s not forget the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised that when we trust in Him as our Lord and Savior, He would place His Spirit in us to help guide, comfort, teach, convict, and more. As we pray, read, and talk with Jesus, His Spirit in us is full of joy and Jesus shares His joy through His Spirit. God did not just put us on Earth and turn His back so we could make our own way through life. He actively participates in every part of our life through His Spirit – if we let Him. We often take the Holy Spirit for granted because we are praying to God… but the fact remains, it is His Spirit in us that helps us to make judgments in life that are honoring to God. WOW! Thank you, Jesus.

We could stop here and many would accept this as appropriate. However, I want to include the Bible as another WOW Factor that we shouldn’t miss. The Bible was written by 40 separate authors over a span of some 1500 years. It tells of God’s love for us and the length in which He is willing to go for our love. He shares how the Earth and life began and all of the troubles and tribulations we went through and will go through. Amazing as this may seem, everything in the Bible is as applicable today as it was back then. It is often referred too as a love letter from God.

You may find it amazing that those 40 authors all maintained the same theme and point to the same outcome. However, you also need to understand that the words they wrote were inspired by God and therefore, He was telling us these things through the author. No wonder the theme remains the same. WOW, He must love us beyond anything we can possible imagine.

In order for God to have the relationship He wants with us, He had to make a way. It is virtually impossible for us to be perfect… despite what some people may think! No amount of good works or praying will make us perfect. It may seem unfair of God to require faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection in order to get to Heaven. After all, as finite humans, we have made up our minds what we feel is fair… the problem is we are not God! He created us; He gets to make the rules. Considering how messed up we people are, it was pretty generous of God to go through the humiliation and pain of being human and then be condemned to give up His own life so that we could have an acceptable way to be with Him forever. He did it anyway so we can have that relationship He wants so much. WOW…

One last point… all of this writing is not meant to bring you down or make you sad. That is not why God died for us. In fact, it is just the opposite… He died for us so that we would have a way to be seen as perfect and Holy in His sight. He says every time a person realizes they have sin in their lives and trusts in His Son, there is a celebration in Heaven. If, in all of history, only one person was going to come to Christ, Jesus would have gone through all of this for that one person. Thank God, He cares so much for us that He was willing to die for each of us, individually.

Just a side note of great importance: sin is not all about the ten commandments and the hundreds of additional rules and laws… Jesus summed up all of the laws with this:

Matthew 22
37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[c] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[d] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

The next time you look at something and think, WOW, remember who made it. Every time you take a breath, remember who supplies it. Every time you see, touch, smell, or hear something, thank God for your senses. If you don’t believe there is a God, thank God that He gave you the freedom to resist His love for you and chooses to share all that He made and supplies for all of us.

On the other hand, if you were a non-believer and you have changed your mind and want to trust in Jesus’ life giving death, we want to hear from you. We want to pray with you that Jesus will come into your life and love and guide you through the rest of your life. In fact, if you will let us, we want to continue to help you grow in your new found faith so you can truly learn about the depth of His love for you and the length He is willing to go to ensure He gets to spend eternity with you.

What ever you do, don’t put off your relationship with Christ – you do not know what tomorrow will bring and you will definitely want your reserved seat with God. If tomorrow is not the end for you… then that is another day that you can enjoy your new found relationship with God on Earth, He is not some stick-in-the-mud Old guy that wants to spank you with a switch… He actually wants your life to be full of love, hope, joy and happiness.

Now these are WOW factors