God Is Multi-Lingual

So often we get caught up in our own little world and forget how big God is. What do I mean by this? Simple, God created language and yet He doesn’t need language to communicate. He reads and knows our heart. More importantly, He knows the motives of our heart.

So, why is it so important that God know our heart and the motives of our heart? There are a number of reasons. Lets start with salvation… when we pray that Jesus saves us for all eternity, are we praying because the Pastor or friend said to pray and we just want to shut them up so we can get on with what we want to do? Don’t misunderstand what I am saying here… if all you know is that Jesus died on the cross so your sins can be forgiven forever and that He will live in you and save you from hell, and you believe this in your heart, you are saved. You don’t have to know everything at once.

What about Bible versions? Uh, God understands the King James Version, the NIV, the Message, and the rest of them. If you believe you can only quote scripture in King James… so be it… He understands. If knowing the Dead Sea Scrolls are included in the NIV and this makes it your preference, God knows that version as well.

Another place people like to dictate what God knows and how He wants us to learn is in the way Pastors teach. Many people spend countless hours looking for reasons to insult other churches and Pastors. Its as if they require that all people learn the same way they do and no other options should be allowed. News Flash: not all people learn the same and God doesn’t require that we all learn the same way, dress the same way, or even speak the same way.

If you look up New Spring Church or Perry Noble, you will find many people who try to insult them and their Pastor. Same with Elevation Church and Steve Furtick. Go on YouTube and you will see whole videos on how these and other churches are bad, bad, bad. Shame on those churches and their Pastors for making it a pleasure and exciting to be in church… However, as a result of these churches, thousands of people are getting saved! By the way, look at the names of the people attacking them and you will find the same names over and over… get a life, and let God be true and every man a liar!

The Bible stresses that Jesus wants a close and personal relationship with each of us, individually. I stress individually because no two people are alike and don’t communicate the same way. God knows this; He created us to be this way.

Jesus calls us… Christ Followers… the church. We are not a building, we are a large number of humans who choose to follow Christ because we see and understand that Jesus went through horrible things so that we may be forgiven for all of the things we do against God. By being forgiven (this is a free gift that you may choose or not choose to accept), we may spend eternity in the presence of God.

When we talk to God through prayer or in regular conversation as we would a close friend, no matter what language, God understands us and when you listen carefully, responds to us. Our conversation with Him should never be a one sided conversation where we speak and He doesn’t. To Him, it is pure joy when He gets to spend time with His children.

The next time you get ready to bash a church for being to big, or a pastor for not teaching the way you think they should, remember, non-believers are watching. And if you think your accusations make God happy, consider your own family or those of your friends. When their children constantly point fingers, fight, and argue, I am pretty sure it does not make the parents or you happy.

Sorry, I got sidetracked.

The bottom line is this: God communicates in any language, dialect, or slang you would care to talk with Him in. I am 100-percent positive that your Bible version will never stop Him from sharing His thoughts with you and helping you to learn and grow. He would rather you use a Bible you understand than one that makes you want to put it down and not read.

God is multi-lingual and more than able to hear and speak to you on your terms. He enjoys hearing from you not just when you have problems, but when things are going well. If you don’t do this already, try talking with God every time your situation or location changes. You will be surprised at how eager God is to respond.

Don’t be afraid to have a sense of humor with Him or include Him in small talk. You don’t even have to talk out loud. He knows when you are thinking about Him and what you are thinking. Believe me when I tell you, it will brighten your whole day.

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