God Is Not A Silent Partner

Have you ever had what you were sure was a great idea? I mean, this idea was so good it kept you awake at nights thinking about it. All you could talk about with your family and friends was how awesome this idea was and all of the great things it could do for you and others.

If that wasn’t enough, your friends and family agreed with you. They were sure this had to be the best idea that came about since electricity. They encouraged you and cheered on your efforts.

Then reality struck…they cheered you on, but you had to do it all on your own. You got up early to work and went to bed late with thoughts and ideas whirling in your mind.

A week or two later, your supporters go back to their lives and you are on your own. You are the CEO, CCO, CFO, and any other acronym that pertained to your great idea. You had to keep a mirror nearby to bounce ideas off of someone.

Relying on others to support your great idea, no matter what it is, rarely provides the motivation and support you are looking for. Once you are successful, they will be back reminding you of how supportive they were of you and your idea (cynical, I know).

What you really need is support from someone who will always be there for you in your time of need. In fact, you need someone around to share your exciting times as well. Someone who gets as fired up about your plans as you are and offers sage advice to get you through the hard times.

I have started a few businesses and what I have learned is that no matter what I am doing: starting a business, walking the dogs, cutting the grass, or BBQing in the back yard, God is always there and ready to participate. In fact, the more areas of my life I include Him in, the more He wants to participate, share, and lead.

However, He is not interested in becoming a silent partner in your everyday venture. He wants to be a vocal participant in whatever you are doing. If you want to be serious about something, He can be serious. If you are feeling lighthearted and joking around, He has a sense of humor. If you just want to sit on the porch and contemplate nothing, you can feel His presence in the chair next to you. He wants to bring peace and balance to your activities and your life.

Don’t let anyone tell you God no longer communicates with us when it is He who describes His desire to have a personal relationship with us. Furthermore, He not only communicates with us, He communicates in a way that is meant just for us, individually.

The funny thing is, the more you talk with God, expecting Him to answer and you listen for that answer, the more He will answer. He has no desire to leave you on your own. And, He has no desire to be left on His own, either!

So, back to the scenario at the top… it’s great to have the support of your friends and relatives, but you can’t count on that to last very long. Their excitement level will dwindle and you will be on your own. However, when your plans and activities include God, you will never be left alone. He will encourage you, motivate you to accomplish things, and give you the power to accomplish them.

What He won’t do is sit idly by and watch you suffer. He will use what ever tools He has at His disposal to lead you in the direction you should go… no matter how big or small your ideas are.

Have faith. God is real and your faith in Jesus and all that He did for us on the cross gives you access to all of God’s promises and the knowledge that He is with you in every single part and activity of your life. It is through your faith in Jesus that you can come directly to God… the one who created everything seen and unseen… and talk with Him and share with Him and He with you. You are not alone and God is not a silent partner in your life.

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