God’s Church – Not Hypocritical – Just Not Perfect

We wake up to the alarm clock early Sunday morning, make the coffee, get the family moving (if applicable) and try to think up a good reason why we can’t make it to church this morning… or… we do all of the above and are excited about church this morning. After all, it is the one time per week that we get to practice Christianity!

This is what much of the “outside world” sees. It’s a shame, but true. What they don’t realize is this is only a small part of the Christian community. What they miss are the rest of us who spend our days realizing how much God loves us and looking for the next opportunity to share that love. Those acts of love are chalked up as either acts of guilt, or acts of temporary kindness.

I can’t deny that there are hypocrites in the church any more than I can deny that there are hypocrites outside of the church. I, for one am glad to see the hypocrites there… the love and sincerity of God may rub off on them! Another point to remember: there is not a single perfect person alive today… that includes people in church.

The next time you want to bash a church because there are hypocrites there, instead, thank God they are there. One of the reasons for church is that believers may come together in worship, to learn and fellowship with God, and to grow together. We are not there because we are perfect.

God is madly in love with us just the way we are. Once we accept that, He will take the time to help us grow into something He considers wonderful. I pray that for you, too.

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