Intolerance or Love

How dare we say that Jesus is the only way to Heaven! How dare we not. If we sugar coat the message of Christ in order to make people happy, what we are saying is, we don’t care about your eternal life, we just want you to like us while we are here.

Think about it, the very people who call us hypocrites for not doing what we claim we believe call us intolerant for trying to show them how they can get to Heaven. Because we don’t say that “good works” will be a way to Heaven, or all religions will go to Heaven, or if you wear a red tie with blue tennis shoes you will go to Heaven… we are intolerant.

Here’s the problem. All of those religions believe that Jesus lived. There are thousands of documents and witnesses who talk about and have seen Jesus and His miracles. Of all of those religions, the only one where there is not a body of bones in the grave is Christianity. So, what do you do with Jesus?

If Jesus is who He says He is, then we need to listen to and follow Him. If He is not, then all of the religions are wrong! They all say something to the effect, He was a prophet, a good person, a great teacher, and a variety of other things. However, if Jesus is not who He says He is, then He is a liar and not good at all.

In most cases, those who claim intolerance have not read the Bible or studied anything about Jesus. They make the claim of intolerance based on ignorance instead of fact. Essentially, it is more palatable to think of a God who wants us to do whatever we want to do and will reward us for being good by allowing us to spend eternity with Him. After all, we were good.

All we have to do now is decide who and what is considered good. Is it good to be a murderer? I think most people would agree, it’s not. So, all murderers go to Hell. Is it good to lie? Again, most people would say no so liars should go to Hell (even though a statistic suggests people lie about 50 times per day). So, using this logic, everyone should go to Hell! Thank God for God.

How can Christianity say they are the only way to Heaven. What about other religions… do you know that they all say they are the only way? Some depend on how good you are though they can’t give you any guidelines, you just have to keep working at it and hope for the best. Others say there are only so many openings and if you don’t get one of those slots, sorry.

The beauty of Christianity is everyone is welcome! It does not depend on how good you are or whether or not your reservation has been accepted. You don’t have to come back as a cow or become as much like nothing as possible. God made a way for every person to be forgiven and accepted into Heaven.

What about an Atheist? They have a choice the same as everyone else. They can not believe at all, they can believe that they are good and their good works will get them into Heaven… ooopppssss… there is no Heaven for them. They will live, they will die… they will learn the truth… they just don’t know it yet. They are guaranteed to spend eternity somewhere!

So, back to intolerance. God promised He would give every person an opportunity to be with Him forever. He promised that before His return, every person will have heard about His Son Jesus. He promised that when we believe that Christ Died for us, we will go to Heaven. He doesn’t say we have to be perfect or rely on anything we do… it is a free gift.

Jesus said that He is the “Way, the Truth, and the Life. Nobody comes to the Father except through Him. (John 14:6, NIV)”

I would ask the non-Christians – would you rather we be up front and honest even though you don’t like the answer and refuse to believe it. Or, would you rather we be hypocrites who will tell you anything you want to hear just so you feel good about yourself… at least for now.

We aren’t espousing Jesus because we want to feel better about ourselves. We are sharing what we have learned because we care about Jesus and where you will spend eternity. This is not intolerance, it is a love for mankind and for Jesus because He loves you so much that He died for you. Then He gave you the choice to do with Him as you please.

Here’s a fun thought, by calling Christians intolerant, you are being intolerant! You expect people to believe as you do because you said so. We already know where we are going to spend eternity. Our destiny has been sealed by Jesus’ death on the cross. Because of that one historical event, we know without a doubt that we will be in Heaven with God forever. Because of all the documented proof of Jesus and how to get to Heaven, we wanted to share the truth with you.

Being the tolerant people that we are… and more importantly, God being tolerant by allowing you time on Earth to accept His promises… we choose to do what Jesus asked us to do… share with you so you will have the opportunity to have everlasting life with Him, rather than everlasting life with Satan!

One last suggestion… I recognize that many Christians have added to what it takes to be a Christian, what life is like as a Christian, and what you should believe. Like anything in life, people are at various stages in their knowledge and growth. Furthermore, people are limited in their knowledge of who God is and what He wants for us. He said He created us to have a close, personal relationship. I know that many Christians add to, or even minimize this and I believe they really miss out on what God has for them.

So, being the fine, upstanding non-believer (I was one of you – I know what it was like), take the time to read the Bible for yourself. Get to know who it is we are talking about and what He wants for you. Then, if that’s not enough, begin studying the documents that were found and how all of this was handed down. Finally, if you have more questions and don’t want to get preached AT… contact us.

We are not intolerant if we know the truth and want to share it with you. However, we would be jerks and hypocrites if we didn’t share this good news.

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