Relationship With God Means Communicating

Since the beginning of time, God has made it clear that we were created to have a relationship with Him. His desire is to love us and us Him. You may of heard it said, we have a whole in our hearts that only God fits in… it seems to be true. Nothing else… money, fame, people… nothing can fill that hole except God.

Religion has created a barrier for many of us. Some say that God spoke to the prophets through dreams. He spoke to the apostles through dreams and other means. However, they also say that God no longer speaks to us. His speaking was only for their time – not ours. They say that He only communicates through the Bible, now.

I say, malarkey! As is the case with any relationship, if you choose not to communicate or listen, the conversation will come to an end. On the other hand, when you openly talk with a friend, they talk back. Why would God be any different? Don’t get me wrong, He most certainly communicates through the Bible. It’s just that He can STILL communicate through dreams, thoughts, and other means. He’s God, He can if He wants too!

So, for the sake of argument, let’s say He does speak to us in other ways besides just the Bible. How would we know it was Him? First, let me stress that if you are hearing something that opposes the Bible, it is not from God. It is important to read and learn the Bible and about God so you can discern the truth. Remember, Satan knows the Bible too, and will gladly manipulate its words to trick you.

Next, if you are hearing in your mind something that you would not normally say or think, pay attention. There’s a good chance you are hearing from God. Quiet time, prayer time, or anything else you want to call your time alone with Him is not the only time He will speak to you. He wants to be with you everywhere and at all times. I even find that He interrupts (bad choice of words) my conversation with people to insert His thoughts on a subject or about them!

If you have never thought about communicating with God this way, it takes practice and time. You have to remember, you have kept Him quiet and He wants to be sure you actually want to hear from Him. For me, I felt, and still do at times, it is presumptuous of me to think that God wants to actually talk to me as a friend would. However, I believe I would be remiss in my duties if I did not explain this to some degree.

Each person and relationship is entirely different and very personal. How He communicates with me and the things we do may be completely different than what He does with you. For me, I have a thought and it is immediately followed up by a second thought that is a great response to my first thought. I might have a question and an answer comes to mind – often it is an answer I would not have thought of. It’s funny, sometimes the answer comes midway through the question… He answers before I get a complete thought out.

I believe that we are made in God’s image – the Bible said so. Therefore, I also believe that any emotion we have, He has and has more of it. He knows each of us, individually and completely. You will find that He communicates with you in a way that will match your personality. I love to joke and tease… so does He! But when it is time to be serious, He will let me know He is not joking.

When He is trying to teach me something, I might need a bop in the head to get my attention. Mary (my wife), might need to learn the same thing. With her, He might gently stroke her cheek and say something like, Sweetie, you need to learn this. This is the way she learns best and He knows all about us and the best ways to deal with us.

So here’s the bottom line as I see it – God wants a relationship and if you will let Him, He will communicate with you in a way that is meant just for you. The more you listen and expect an answer, the more He will answer. He won’t always give you the answer you want, but He will make it easier to take. Again I will stress, if what you are hearing does not go along with what the Bible teaches, it is not from God.

In many cases, especially if you are just starting to hear His voice, you may want to ask if what you are hearing is from Him or are you making up the answer. I know when I ask that, I often get the answer before I finish the question. I am a short answer sort of person and that is how God deals with me when I ask if it is Him… YES… or, NO…

As you progress and trust that God is talking with you, He will start sharing more and more. Some of the things He shares with you is meant for you to share with others. Some of the things He shares is meant for only you. Yes, He will share secrets with you and expects you to keep those secrets!

If you share your thoughts as I am now, you will run into a wide range of responses – for and against. Until you are completely comfortable with your position on God speaking to you, I suggest that you just keep it between you and God. Being this open may get you labeled as a Charismatic, Pentecostal, or even a nut! Some denominations would feel the need to reprimand you for not believing as they do – that God only speaks to us through the Bible.

I can’t stress enough, God absolutely adores you. He created you exactly as He wanted you. To Him, through Christ, you are perfect and Holy (the Bible says this). If He is big enough to create the universe and everything in it, and through His power, hold it all together, why would He not be able to speak to us today.

Communication with God is a very personal thing, just like your relationship with Him. I hope you do not miss out on your time together. He has a lot to say to you that He has been holding in till the time you were ready to listen. Much of what I say here is how He deals with me… for you it may be different. He knows what you need, He knows how you will listen, and He wants to share His joy, thoughts, even hurts with you and for you to share your life with Him.

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