Best Return On Investment

What does it profit a person if they gain the whole world and then lose their own soul?
Or what can we give in exchange for our soul?

I’m thinking how can I put this in perspective?  What are we comparing?  It would seem that if you had it all…if you made it BIG…great job, or income, great spouse, great house, great fame, great kids, great looks, great car or cars, great personality, great friends…what if you had it ALL but then the reality hits one day…”this too shall pass”.

If life begins at 40 then it’s pretty well finishing up around 80.  If all conditions were perfect and barring any accidents, illnesses or issues maybe you could squeeze out 40 amazing years.  Vigorous and healthy years of bliss would equal two score decades.  Pretty sure we are all aware even this would be an exaggeration.  To expect even this short amount of carefree wealth and happiness is asking a lot out of the human life.

No matter how you slice it, even if you are an eternal optimist, the glee and bliss of an unencumbered, wealthy, happy life will be short lived.  Translation: Life is short so why would you trade your very soul to keep something that you have ultimately no control over? You have no guarantee of a happy life. The bargaining chip you hold is unstable.

Now the comparison: in this corner ladies and gentlemen we have the “whole world” and on the far side we have our very valuable soul. If you are an atheist, you might just stop reading here.  Actually you have no hope either way.  Short life, then dead, THE END.

Let’s say you are much more enlightened than to proclaim, “there is no God”.  Maybe you choose to think it through.  You have noticed that water, air and food provide the means to keep you alive.  That though the miracle of life:  water, air and food translate into all your body needs to keep it functioning.  You don’t have to think about the breathing process…it’s automatic.  You don’t have to decide how your cells will absorb the oxygen or how it is translated into your blood stream.  You take for granted the chemicals needed to make this happen 9-12 times per minute. It isn’t evident that trillions of cells are nurtured and cared for without your assistance.  The same principal goes for water and food.  You couldn’t possibly keep yourself alive for even one hour if the life systems in your body required 24 hour monitoring. 

So here is the bottom line. You are kept alive by God.  He created you.  You have a soul (spirit, heart).  You have a choice.  Run after and crave the things that make life so “wonderful”, however fleeting OR Run after and crave the things of God.  He is the ONE who actually has power over your soul (and life too for that matter).  Get to know Him.  Seek His riches.  It is an easy equation: toss the idea of gaining all this life offers in exchange for eternal life offered by God through Faith in Jesus Christ.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see which is the better deal.  Lose something you can’t keep in exchange for something you can’t lose.

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