Study this joke and learn

One day there were horrible storms that dumped massive amounts of rain and a flood warning was issued. The police went door to door evacuating the area. When they got to a pastor’s house, they told him to come on, they would take him to safety. The pastor told them, “No, God will protect me.”

The rain continued to fall and the water rose. The pastor went to the second floor of his house. A guy in a boat came by and said, “Come on pastor, get in the boat so you will be safe.” The pastor replied, “No thank you, God promised He would protect me.”

The rain fell and the water rose even more. The pastor moved to the roof where a helicopter flew overhead. The crew threw out a rope and yelled for the pastor to grab it. The pastor waved them off and yelled, “No, God will save me!”

The rain continued and the water rose even more. The pastor was swept away by the rushing flood waters. He got to Heaven and was face to face with God. The pastor said, “God, you promised you would save me.” God replied, “I tried… I sent you a car ride, I sent a boat for you, I even sent you a helicopter!”

This joke can be applied to just about any situation. God promises to answer the prayers of the faithful. He just doesn’t always answer them the way we expect or want. So what do we do?

First, we have to trust that God will ALWAYS keep His promises. He is a Holy God and can not lie. If we know He is keeping His promise, but don’t see the answer, then we need to open ourselves to the idea that God is answering and we are missing it!

A Good start would be to ask God to show you the answer and have faith that He will. Don’t be embarrassed with God, He already knows what is going on with you. Tell Him you don’t see the answer and that you need help seeing what He is saying. I find that many times He just wants us to know He is the answer.

The point is, when we don’t see the answer, it doesn’t mean the answer isn’t available. Something I have noticed over the years; God likes to use more than one person when He is passing out blessings. By doing so, He blesses the receiver, He blesses those who were helping or giving the blessing, and God is blessed when everyone recognizes who the blessing is from.

So, next time you are in a situation that seems to keep getting worse, remember this joke. It could be that God is providing the answer and you just don’t see it yet.

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