God Is Not Fair! Really?

It is a common theme these days for people to say things like, “Everyone can believe in their God. That will get them to heaven,” or, “I am a good person and good people will go to Heaven (who sets the standard for “Good”).”  The other thing people like to do is get a bit more exotic… “I follow an Eastern religion – striving for nirvana!” Perhaps you prefer Judaism… they have hundreds of laws to follow!

In an effort to keep this short, let me point out that every religion, except Christianity requires you to get to Heaven (or be recycled back as something else) through your own power. The problem is, you are not told how good you have to be, and there is no guarantee you will make it! For those religions that do tell you how good you have to be, you need to be nothing less than perfect.

So let’s talk about Christianity for a minute. It seems unfair of God to say that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Therefore, God is unfair. For my part, I am so thankful for God’s unfairness… if God was fair, we would all get what we deserved and we wouldn’t be here now! Instead, God chose to offer grace and forgiveness and gave us the chance to redeem ourselves through Christ. We don’t have too, He just gave us that option.

In the beginning, God gave the people one simple rule to follow. Everything in life would remain perfect if they just followed this one simple rule.  Don’t eat from the tree of life! Eat anything else you want, just don’t eat from that tree.

Like we do today, they made up excuses for why they should be able to eat the fruit of the tree. God gave them the ability to make choices (His reason for this will be another discussion) and they chose to not follow that one rule.

Jump forward a few thousand years and we are doing the same thing. God has offered us a way to be forgiven for not doing the things He asks and we look for every reason to not accept it. Instead, we want to make up our own rules on how we should be able to get to Heaven!

If you are one of those who believes all religions are alike, I would highly recommend you do a little research. There are no other religions that offer you a guaranteed way to have eternal life in Heaven. And there are none that give you a clear cut means of getting to Heaven.

Since God gave me the ability to reason and decide, it makes sense to me to choose the one that has thousands of years worth of documented proof and a clear cut, guaranteed means of getting to Heaven rather than an ambiguous religion that keeps God far away and says I have to do all of the work and that may not be enough.

Again, is God fair? Well, actually, yes and No! He is not fair in that we are not getting what we deserve. He is fair because He gave everyone the same opportunity to be saved no matter how many things you did wrong. And, He gave everyone the same ability to decide what they want to do and believe.

So, your choice: One of those religions where you do all of the work OR Christianity where the work is already done for you – all you have to do is accept it.

If you have questions and don’t want to get preached AT… let us know, we will be glad to answer as best we can.

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